Pirates of the Whirl - Rule Set

What's this?

Rule set for the game Pirates of the Whirl, which is created for the Game Design class.

This is only the rule set, if you want to play the game, contact me!

Set up

Place the map on a table. Each player gets to pick a ship, name the ship, and write the name on it. Each player gets an account book, that matches the ship’s color. Each player gets 2,000 golds as starting fund.

Then, each player choose a starting port. (The map is symmetric so it doesn’t really matter! Choose anyone you want!)

Each player rolls two dices, whoever largest gets to move first.


Whoever gets 20,000 golds first wins!


Player take turns to:

  1. Roll two dices. The movement is the difference between two dices. However, if the two dice are identical, like two 5s, the movement point will be 5 instead of 0.
  2. The player can move as he/she wants.
    1. During/before/after movement, player can trade with ports. Player can only trade with ports when sitting inside them.
      1. Trading prices are written on the “price list” sheet that’s included in the package.
    2. During/before/after movement, if a player (A) gets adjacent to another player (B)’s ship, or onto another player (B)’s ship, player A can choose to attack player B. See the “Battle mechanics” sheet for more information.
      1. Note: each player can only attack once in her/his turn. And attacking doesn’t cost movement points.
  3. Then the turn ends. The player draws a card. Move on to the next player’s turn.


  1. The player can use as many action cards during his/her turn as he/she wants.
  2. If a ship is in the whirld, or in a port, other ships cannot attack it.
  3. For rules on map areas and cards, see attached sheets in the package.

One more thing: Remember to draw a card at the end of your turn.