Demystifying game engine development process

Project Info

Duration 15 weeks (August - December, 2018)
Team Size 5
Other team members Chaojie Zhu, Jacob Wilson, Caleb Biasco, Jared Ettinger

Official Website

Code repo on Github


The Isetta Engien Project team is demystifying game engine development process for junior developer by making a game engine in C++ and documenting the entire thought & decision-making process. Along the way, we are also conducting interviews with industry professionals, and publishing the edited interview in text on our website.

Notable Contributions

  1. We held a game jam where participants all use the Isetta Engine!
  2. We wrote 16 dev blogs that's 75,000 words long in total!
  3. We published a book of our interviews with seasonsed engine programmers!
  4. Engine implementation:
    1. Some memory allocators: stack allocator, pool allocator, templated pool allocator, single frame allocator, and double buffered allocator
    2. Objet handles and a naive memory defragmentation system
    3. Scene hierarchy and the transform component
    4. A dynamic AABB tree to accelerate collision detection
    5. The audio module using FMOD low-level API
    6. Developed a demo LAN twin stick shooter game with the Isetta Engine