Project Info

Project Duration 2 weeks (Sep 19 - Oct 3, 2017)
Team Size 4 (2 programmers + 1 artist + 1 sound designer)
Assigned Theme Naïve guest + Feel of freedom
Platform HTC Vive
Team members Yvette Han, Urvil Shah, Dan Wolpow
My Contributions Game design, lead programming, playtesting

At ETC, the notion of guest is used to keep the mindset that players are not users. We see players more in the way Disney sees their guests.


This game delivers the feel of freedom by giving the guest the ability to conduct music and change the whole world with his way of conducting.

In addition to the feel of freedom, we were also required to not give the naïve guest any explicit instructions at all and should let the guest figure out what to do by themselves.

Layers of Feedbacks

To give the guest a sense of real conducting, and encourage them to stay on the right tempo, we provided layers of feedbacks for them.

Auditory feedbacks:

  1. Transition sound when the tempo changes more than a certain percentage
  2. The music plays faster when the guest conducts fast, and vice versa

Visual feedbacks:

  1. The world becomes red when the guest conducts too fast
  2. The world becomes blue when the guest conducts too slow
  3. The world becomes black and white when the guest stops conducting
  4. There are several music notes scattered all around the world. They move fast when the guest conducts fast and vice versa

And guests hear a tapping sound when they tap their baton on the music stand. Every guest who finds this out was amazed!