Ripple Blossom

Project Info

Duration 8 months part-time (Jan - August, 2017)
Team Size 6 (2 programmers, 1 UI programmer, 2 artists, 1 level designer)
Genre Puzzle
Platform Andoird / iOS
My Contributions Mechanics design, gameplay programming, production

Notable Experience

  1. Lead a development team to bring a game from an idea to its best form
  2. Overcame difficulties in: decision making, preparation for launch, partner relationship
  3. Cooperated with a publisher to put the game on Appstore and achieved more than 60,000 downloads
  4. Ripple Blossom is later featured at GGJ2018 Hong Kong site



Ripple Blossom was first prototyped during Global Game Jam (GGJ) 2017 Hong Kong site, under the theme of "Waves". This was my first game jam and first time working in big teams. Our team won the Best Theme Integration award!

After the game jam, we polished the game and published it in China. It received more than 7,000 downdloads during the first week. As we don't have expertise in marketing, we secured a publisher in October 2017 to re-distribute the game in China. The game was featured on AppStore front page and got more than 60,000 downloads.