The Soundbearier

Project Info

Duration 2 weeks (Sep 5 - Sep 19, 2017)
Team Size 5 (2 programmers + 2 artists + 1 sound designer)
Assigned Theme The guest helps character A who is afraid of character B
Platform Hololens + Handmade props
Team members Iris Hwang, Srujani Kamineni, Jacob Wilson, Yutian Zheng
My Contributions Programming, testing

At ETC, the notion of guest is used to keep the mindset that players are not users. We see players more in the way Disney sees their guests.


In this project, we leveraged the capabilities of Hololens as much as we could. Although this world is quite tiny with player time less than 2 minutes, we used voice recognition, gazing, gesture detection, movement, spatial mapping, and occulusion mapping.

To be continued... Website still under construction