You're Fired

Project Info

Project Duration 2 weeks (Oct 24 - Nov 07, 2017)
Team Size 5 (2 programmers + 2 aritsts + 1 sound designer)
Platform Virtuix Omni + Oculus Touch
Theme Tell an interactive story
Team members Tara Molesworth, Tai Ching Cheung, Nisha Kunhikrishnan, Qianye Mei
My Contributions Lead programming, design iterations

Notable Contributions

  1. Implemented event driven, distance-based game progression system
  2. Implemented generic object freezing and breaking systems with variations: break after taking damage, freeze before breaks, breaking with "bullet time" effect, etc.
  3. Implemented visually convincing frozen effect, fire effect, ice spray particles, ice decals on contact surfaces, etc.
  4. Designed and scripted fun gameplay sequences, such as the sequence where the boss flies to the center of the hall, rotates and scales at a high speed into fire, transforms into a huge envelope, and starts attacking player.


This project is built for round 4 of Building Virtual Worlds at Entertainment Technology Center. The focus of this round is to tell an engaging interactive story.

The platform we chose is Virtuix Omni + Oculus Touch. Omni is a new platform aiming at solving the movement problem in VR. However, walking in Omni by no means feels like walking in real life. In stead, it's more like walking on ice or walking in dreams. So we decided to embrace the nature of Omni and design around it.