A game about freedom

Project Info

Project Duration 3 weeks
Team Size Solo
Platform PC & Touch Screens
Tools Unity & Blender
My Contributions Everything except audio
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One page marketing sheet

Playtesting analysis

Notable Experience

  • Individually designed and implemented a game featuring infinitely large world and complete freedom
  • Experimented with dynamic difficulty adjustment system and how to use it to keep players in flow
  • Implemented dyanmic, exciting, "juicy" gameplay
  • Inspired one of my classmates to write a blog post about it



A game where the player move by shooting.


  • Procedurally generated, infinitely large game world.
  • Dynamic difficulty adjustment. The game gets harder when you gets stronger.
  • Three types of enemies.
  • Simplistic art style. Attract a wide range of players!
  • Unlimited fun! The game can keep going forever!

Gameplay Video